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How to Add Search Box in Thesis Theme Navigation Bar

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Bert specializes in enterprise technology, software architecture design and development, program management and product management. Derek is also a member of our chapter. Are you looking to move your infrastructure into the cloud, but are worried about how to secure it?

Are you ready to let go of all of your physical infrastructure? You are not alone in this journey. The cloud does not have to be this scary unknown black hole. Sure, things are certainly different and not everything that you used to do in your own infrastructure is easily repeatable in the cloud; however, there are many benefits. Thing are different, but many things are the same.

We will discuss how to secure your cloud environment using both AWS tools and third party tools, including some custom applications that allow you to see what you have and how you need to secure it. We hope that you can take away some ideas on how to solve some of your current security problems and gain the confidence that security in the cloud can be achieved. I can see the days getting longer and I am enjoying the sun while it lasts, here in mid-February. That gave me time to build a new-to-me bicycle and tinker on my old Land Cruiser a bit.

Those are my other hobbies. These schools obtaining certified cybersecurity programs exemplify the need our industry has for more trained professionals. He investigated transnational organized crime for the FBI from and has investigated criminal computer intrusions and cyber national security matters since The FBI Cyber Program in Oregon investigates network intrusions, data theft, denial of service, insider threats and other cybercrimes.

FBI cyber agents and task force officers are experienced in cyber incident response, the collection and preservation of digital evidence, network forensics and sharing of threat intelligence. This presentation will cover recent cyber incidents in Oregon, current threat trends, common vulnerabilities and efforts by law enforcement to increase cybersecurity awareness and data protection.

BeyondCorp is a Zero Trust security framework modeled by Google that shifts access controls from the perimeter to individual devices and users. The end result allows employees to work securely from any location without the need for a traditional VPN.

This talk was well attended and covered the theory behind the human element and how to improve employee engagement to combat social engineering.

Check out the slides here: School has started again and with that, our ISSA year begins with a great talk about hacking a hackathon, next week. There are many other items coming up and hopefully I can touch on those here.

September Chapter Meeting: June 13, Chapter Meeting — Sustain Yourself! Posted on May 24, by Brian Ventura. Please register using the calendar widget at right. Come join us at our upcoming 4 hour symposium 4 CPE credits When: Thursday, April 12 8: Come learn how to: Discover what data is living in your files Easily determine file ownership and entitlements Restrict access to critical files Redact, and even encrypt, sensitive content About the Speaker: Data Loss Prevention by evaluating and addressing risk.

March Chapter Meeting Posted on February 24, by t Our community now has more certified professionals. This is the book we use in the course and the official ISC2 study guide. Contact Ashley Edwards at Wiley to receive the discounted price: The only Oregon 2-year. Now other local schools are getting into the game.

I am teaching the course. This is a 6-day intensive, hands-on Information Security course. Last year, Charlie Kawasaki and his daughter provided a summer camp for high school students focused on Information Security. The name changed to NW Cyber Camp , but they are coming back this year again: Check them out and spread the word please.

This happens in early October. If you are interested in participating as a trainer or sponsor , please let me know and I will get you in touch with the OWASP Leadership team. I nterface Portland is coming next month: Every year there are some good nuggets at this local conference.

If you attend, please come say hello to the board at the ISSA booth. You may be doing something amazing, novel, or interesting that others want to hear about. This is a growth potential for you and a learning opportunity for the rest of the membership. Let me know if you are interested in sharing. Let me know if you are interested! You have a lot to offer. If you are interested in helping with that effort, let us know.

Having a pool of instructors will benefit our membership and provide you with a career building opportunity. ISSA has a mentorship program. It needs local leaders to help organize. Having a mentor helps us to learn how to get to the next level, how to improve professionally and how to give back to our community. If you are interested in mentorship, either as a mentor or a mentee, let me know and we will work to get the program working locally.

Stay warm and I look forward to seeing you at the next event! Winter Training update. February 14 Chapter Meeting — Cyber Threats: Oregon Posted on February 2, by t Come Join us for our November Lunch Meeting: It was fun, challenging and informative. So, set the false value to the above property. The above is what you need so you can display a search bar in a tableview using the brand new UISearchController.

Now, we can proceed and handle the search results. This step has two parts. Firstly, search results can be returned when a search term is typed in the search bar, and secondarily, when the search button in the keyboard is tapped. However showing search results when the Search button in the keyboard is tapped is required, otherwise having a search bar in your tableview is totally pointless.

In both cases the filteredArray array must become the datasource of the tableview, while when no searching is being performed the dataArray array is the default datasource according to what we implemented earlier. The first one makes the filteredArray the datasource of the tableview when we begin searching. On the other hand, the second function makes the dataArray array the datasource when the Cancel button of the search bar is tapped.

The next step is to implement another delegate method that will display the search results and will resign the search field from first responder once the Search button in the keyboard gets tapped. As you assume from all the above delegate methods, by setting the proper value to the shouldShowSearchResults flag and by reloading the tableview, we manage to display the proper data each time to our view controller.

Well, in that method that you can see right next, we filter the original data based on the typed search term, and the matching results are stored in the filteredArray array. At first, we access and store the typed search term in a local constant named searchString. We could have avoided doing this, but it makes our work more convenient. The heart of the above method is right next, where we use the filter … method of the dataArray array. As its name says, it filters the data according to what we ask from it in the closure body, and stores the matching elements to the filteredArray array.

Each country string in the source array is represented by the country parameter value of the closure. That method checks if the searched term the searchString value exists in the current country, and if so it returns its range NSRange in the country string.

As the closure expects a Bool value to be returned, all we have to do is to return the comparison result between the rangeOfString … return value and the NSNotFound value.

At the end, we reload the tableview data, so it displays the filtered countries. As you understand, what I presented right above is just an approach among many, and obviously it can be refined or modified with the functionality you desire each time.

Now run the application to test our new additions. Use both the search and cancel buttons, and see how the app reacts. At this point, the first part of the tutorial is over. Customizing the search controller and the search bar does not really consist of a difficult process, as all you have to do is to subclass both of them and write the custom functionality and logic that you wish. Get finished with the new file creation, and then select it to open it. As you see, we set the parameter frame value as the search bar frame, and we store both the font and the text color for later use.

This command results to a search bar with a translucent background and opaque search field. A search bar is not a single control that is parted only from a textfield the search field.

On the contrary, the search bar has a UIView view as a subview, and that view has two important subviews among others: The search field actually a subclass of the UITextField class , and the search field background view. To make it more clear, if you type this in the following custom function:. The above is simple, and in alignment to what I explained right before.

Now the custom search bar is ready. So, initially create a new file as described previously, but this time make sure to set the UISearchController value in the Subclass of: Once the file gets created, select it in the Project Navigator to open it.

At the top of the class declare a custom search bar property:. As you see in the first line above, we make use of the custom initializer we created in the custom search bar. The rest is easy: Of course, you can change or add properties as per your demands. Further than that, we set a placeholder text for the search field, and then we set it to the tableview header to display it. In the viewDidLoad method now, we have to do two things: To call the above function and to prevent the default search controller from appearing:.

However, now we are able to see the custom search bar, so launch the app to do that. Go in the configureSearchBar … function, and add the next line:.

At this point we can add the missing search bar delegate functions, and call each time the proper delegate function of the CustomSearchControllerDelegate. All the above functions will inform the ViewController class when the search begins, ends, or the search string is changed. Now, open the ViewController.

In it, add the next line:.

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